[isabelle-dev] NEWS: Demo documents for well-known LaTeX styles

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Nov 2 13:31:09 CET 2022

*** Document preparation ***

* Various well-known LaTeX styles are included as Isabelle components,
with demo documents in the regular Isabelle "doc" space:

   - Easychair as session "Demo_Easychair" / doc "demo_easychair"
   - FoilTeX as session "Demo_FoilTeX" / doc "demo_foiltex"
   - Dagstuhl LIPIcs style as session "Demo_LIPIcs" / doc "demo_lipics"

This refers to Isabelle/d0a1f3eb0982.

A few more demo documents are in the pipeline, e.g. Springer LNCS and ACM.

Which other notable LaTeX styles should be covered?


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