[isabelle-dev] NEWS: Command-line tool "isabelle hg_setup"

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Thu Dec 19 20:52:30 CET 2019

*** System ***

* The command-line tool "isabelle hg_setup" simplifies the setup of
Mercurial repositories, with hosting via Phabricator or SSH file server

This refers to Isabelle/0131b7b44c32, with documentation in

See also the corresponding blog post:

The key purpose of the tool so far: consolidating old papers and slides, to
have everything on my private self-hosted VCS server for Mercurial, Git,

Some co-authors already got email invitations for it -- it is not publicly
visible. On request, I can provide further hints about such self-hosting --
apart from what is documented in the "system" manual chapter 6.


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