[isabelle-dev] [isabelle] Congruence rules for the code preprocessor

Andreas Lochbihler andreas.lochbihler at kit.edu
Mon May 30 12:33:08 CEST 2011

Hi Lukas,

here is an example that I would have expected to work. However, congruences seem 
to work other than I expected. Du you know what I am missing here?

theory Scratch imports Main begin
definition test where "test xs = (last xs = 0)"
definition test2 where "test2 xs = (xs ~= [] & test (rev xs))"

(* Optimized implementation for test with context condition *)
lemma test_rev: "xs ~= [] ==> test (rev xs) = (hd xs = 0)"
unfolding test_def by(simp add: last_rev)

declare conj_cong[cong] test_rev[simp]
thm test2_def test2_def[simplified]

lemma "test2 xs = (xs ~= [] & test (rev xs))"
apply simp

The [simplified] attribute does apply the test_rev equation, but the simp method 
in the proof does. Apparently, the same issue prevents the code preprocessor 
from optimizing the code for test:

lemmas [code_inline] = test_rev test_rev[folded List.null_def]
setup {* Code_Preproc.map_pre (fn ss => ss addcongs [@{thm conj_cong}]) *}
code_thms test2

test2 is still implemented in terms of "test (rev xs)"

How can I unfold test_rev in test2_def?


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